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New Suspension Setup! Koni Sport Shocks and B&G S2 Sport Springs

So I've done a lot of researching and read a lot of write ups and reviews but I think I am the first to have this setup. This weekend, I installed Koni Sport Shocks(for XIs) and B&G S2 Sport Springs (328i) on my 2008 e92. Before I started, the front wheel gap was 26 1/4". After the drop, the front is now at 25" and I'm sure it will drop further as the spring settles in. The B&G S2 are rated for a 1.6 drop (front) and 1.4" in the rear. Installation was easy (I thought) and pretty straight forward. Took about 3-4 hours for the install (including coffee and lunch break). You will need the following tools to do the install:

- 1 low profile jack
- 1 regular jack
- set of spring compressors
- 21mm, 19mm, 18mm, 16mm and 13mm socket in regular and deepwell
- 13mm opened end wrench
- Medium size channel locks
- 24" pry bar (optional) or BIG screw driver
- hammer
- trim removal tool (removal of plastic pins in trunk area)
- Can of PB Blaster
- Jack Stands and wheel Chocks (safety first)

The following threads were used as reference:



There are some minor things that won't apply such as on the rear on a e92, the sway bar end link is connected to the wheel assembly and not to the shock like it is on the front.

Some tips:

- When removing the front struts, before you start, spray down the OEM shock with some PB blaster so it can "marinade" in there. This will help/aid in the removal of the OEM strut once you unloosen the pinch bolt.

- You will need at least one spring compressor when you remove the front struts. But to save time, and fatigue from wrenching the compressor, do the following. Position the compressor on the spring and hand tighten. Once it is snugged, place the regular jack underneath the wheel assembly and start to jack the assembly up. This will compress the springs. once the compressor becomes loose, retighten by hand till snug. repeat process like 3 - 4 times until it can't compress no more but not to the point you are jacking up the car. Once the spring is compressed, lower the jack and remove. The spring will be held in place and you can start to remove the strut.

- Before you start to remove the strut, spray down the base of the strut again then give a few taps on both sides with the hammer to help loosen it. Then just turn and twist it off and clean out the assembly.

First Impressions of the shocks/spring combination. Aside for the wheel gap being eliminated, the combination of bothe strut/shock/springs is very smooth and responsive. You can definately tell the difference between the OEM and this setup. I will give some time for the springs to settle and report back with a better evaluation. I will post pics of later on today.
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