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Originally Posted by dangeris View Post
I reused everything that came off the original suspension and as it is now, I'm 2 fingers from the tire to the bottom of the wheel well. Like I said before, I'm sure it will drop more as it settles. I haven't had any issues with the M-Tech front lip spoiler but this isn't my first lowered vehicle so I know how to approach inclined surfaces and avoid speed bumps at all costs!
So you don't think you're riding around on the (front) bumpstops?

edit: to clarify I don't understand how you can drop 2 fingers worth with stock bump stops and critical05 got no drop at all, and had to cut bump stops. Something isn't adding up. Like he said in another post, the non-xi guys using koni yellows + eibach pros or H&R sports need to use e36 M3 stops in front and Z4 rear to avoid riding on the stops. I would assume this applies to all lowering springs.

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