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Originally Posted by dangeris View Post if everything on here is true, why is my suspension considerably lower than before? And when you say "riding on the bump stops" what do you mean by that? IS there a way by looking underneath with the sheels turned out and seeing?

This is my first time dropping a BMW but not my first in dropping a vehicle. It's lunch now so I'll go out and take a look and even take some pics of the drop and post it..
It's lower because you put in lowering springs. Bump stops are compressible foam, they should not affect the overall drop all that much even if you are riding on them (which is the mystery with critical05's install). What they will do if riding on them is make the ride very stiff over rough pavement, and feel like you are bottoming out all the time.

If you can do it you'd need to take a wheel off, put a jack or block under the hub, lower the car w/o the wheel to normal level, and see if the stop is compressed inside the spring (touching the inside of the strut hat and top of strut body). This is admittedly hard to do.