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I've melted both the left and right stock front brake piston dust boots. I don't notice anything yet... but it's getting disconcerting. Other than pad dust, it's pretty clean in the front calipers as we don't see much rain in Colorado. I am running Pagid Yellows pads at the track. Do BBKs have the same issue, or is it time to simply get a dedicated car? ("Not to BBK" for this car would give me a nice chunk of change to start with a 944, for example.) With the extra disc area of BBKs, I assume the temps stay lower and thus less chance of stuff melting. I'd love to hear your opinion. Cheers.
Are you still running stock rotors? The BMW stock brakes are pretty large and the rotors are 345mm in front and most BBK are only 355mm if I recall correctly. I believe Brembo makes a 380mm rotor but not sure if it fist the E9x 335i or only the E9x M3. I would say that if you have beter 2 piece rotors that can dissipate heat better than the stock ones even at the stock 345mm size then you should be ok. This would be minimal investment (~$1500-$1800) compared to a full 4 corner BBK which would run you $6500-7500 depending on which one you get.

I am debating the same thing and decided to get better rotors and pads at the stock sizes. I bought the RB Performance rotors that replace the stock ones and will be running PFC 08 pads this weekend at the track. If this is not sufficient then I would buy the BBK.

By the way I have found that you pay a hefty price to buy the entire kit and can probably piece the parts you need for less than a full kit. You probably already have the SS lines (I'm asuming). I have found Stoptech calipers for the BBK at ~$1000 each and the 2 piece rotors at ~$450 each. That makes the price about $5800 for the 4 corners vs $6800 from ********** Add pads since usually the pads that come with these kits are not ones I would consider to use for the track. Just something to think about.