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Originally Posted by spicish22 View Post
had a good time at Pocono this weekend. first day was pretty crowded in our group but it cleared up the second day. i really liked running in the rain. gave me a chance to work on my inputs not being to hasty. helped smooth them out

the transition into 1 is rough, there are some slightly 'smoother' areas to enter across the turn but no matter what, i hit my head on the roof every time!

the most eye opening part of the weekend for me was taking a ride in the instructors car. holy crap!! where they brake and how n where they place there car is amazing. i never experienced R comps n track pads... whole diff world
After your first event or two, track pads are a must in my opinion. R-comps aren't something I wouldn't bother dealing with until I'm near instructor level or consistently running advanced. Run any lesser group with r-comps and you're just masking your flaws. Not to mention you really need to reinforce the suspension.