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Originally Posted by ShereKhan
I spoke to BMW who told me that it wont make any difference in using 95 or 99. I decided that i'd give it a try. I have noticed that the car is a lot smoother and seems more eager. I've covered 6.5k so far so I am tempted to switch back to regular to see if there is any difference.

The car has some issues with its oil level sensor at the moment, so its going in to be checked next week. As I have no dipstick the OBC reports that the oil level is OK - as its half level. I'm not sure its ok and I don't know how much to top it up by!
I still haven't found the tesco stuff - but the higher the RON the better really.

I'm mostly using the 99 rnon shell vpower stuff and I do think it helps.

As to the oil sensor - I'm assuming you mean that the bars are showing half way between max and min and that the check control message is OK. That's how mine is - presumably it will keep saying OK until it reachs min.

Like you I don't really know how much oil to add though.