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Originally Posted by 07E92TT View Post
Hey guys, was thinking of getting the dinan exhaust and I was wondering what your opinions were on automatic cars with exhaust, do you think they sound stupid when driving by or do you think its perfectly fine and sounds great? Just need opinions, thanks!
I have had Eisenmann Race, Bastuck Quads, and now running Vanguard.

About the damn drone in will have drone no matter what BUT Bastuck drone isn't so noticible that most people don't even realize that it exsist. For the Eisenmann, drone drove me nuts! LOL Sound is pretty sick.
Vanguard, it's got drone but it's more tolerable compare to Eisenmann I had. This exhaust is very well built, and it's full exhaust not just section 3 like Eisenmann or Bastuck. Sound is pure sex, nice...deep, loud enough to make people turn their head. I never dyno'ed my car and probably never will so I am not so sure about performance gain but can't be worth than stock with aftermarket sec 3 IMO. Vanguard PM LTBMW since they are the authorized dealer now.