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Originally Posted by jaadoogar View Post
Wow... thanks so much DavidN! I think I'm going to order the Mothers California Gold Car Wash and Mothers tire brush from Amazon (I'm in the U.S.) and the towels / mitts from Detailed Image.

One quick question on drying... For drying the paint, I am going to get the Detailed Image Waffle Weave MF towels. But what type of towels do you use to dry the rims and glass?

Detailed Image has
1. UltraPlush MF towels (2 sided, 16 x 16)
2. All Purpose MF towels (16 x 16) - Is this better than using terry towels on rims?

Also, what do you use to wipe down the interior?
For rims you can use the same type of waffle weave towels as you use on the paint. Same goes for glass. Same also goes for the interior. The only caveat is that you may want to segregate them and use the same towels on each part of the car. So if possible, try buying different colour MF's and dedicate each colour to its own part of the car (paint, rims, glass, interior.).