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Originally Posted by tofu- View Post
what can i use to remove dry compound? i have some on my unpainted performance diffuser (matte plastic) that didn't come off during multiple routine washes and sponge scrubbing. it has been there for a couple of weeks now.

i also have some on the inside crevice of the hood that didn't come off with a sponge and wash either.
That's a tough one. I don't know to be honest. Maybe someone else has encountered that.

Originally Posted by robin420 View Post
i've read all your q&a. but, is this wax good?

and can i use it after i use a sealant? or before? thanks
Never used Swissvax before. Sorry.

Steps are wash, clay, polish, seal, then wax. If you want to add more sealant after the wax you need to remove the wax first. My advice, just do one or the other, not both. So either seal after polishing and add more sealant as needed, or just wax after polishing and add more wax as needed.