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Originally Posted by Sleeper View Post
And a 1000 RPM usable power band. No thanks.
Go youtube the Amuse Supra and Mines Skylines using the GT30 kit... it's not even a 35R but makes ~500whp on a 3.0L engine and ridiculous torque. Spool is damn near instant and the tach is SCARY to watch... like it's spring loaded.

500whp should not be powerband limited, but I agree that if you came from the world of BMW's and chose an N54/55 car as your first "big single upgraded" car, you will be in for a rude awakening. The really hard part for developers is making a kit with headroom (700whp capable?) without losing the powerband and having a bunch of angry (or rather, uninformed/underexperienced) customers.

Those of us with prior 400whp+ 4cyl experience will be in for a treat as long as you didn't get to used to the 1900rpm torque peaks