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Originally Posted by Fun w/N54 View Post
So the finance guy at the dealership checks into how the refund proration on a BWM ext warranty is calculated if any claims were filed. His response was there is no refund.

I was looking to grab a 84mo/100 gold plan in the near future and keep the car another year or year-half then have something to offer next owner if decide to sell private. If selling at carmax or trading it in I 'aussumed' I would get some proration if I cancelled it.

Is this consistant with most ext warranties?
Guys, it not the warranty company that deems the cancellation policy its the state that you reside. I see your in Wisconsin, the state has a insurance cancellation policy based on pro-rata time or miles which ever is greater plus a small cancellation fee. You do have 100% cancellation within the first 30 days with no fee unless a claim was paid. Any questions please ask. I was a VP at a warranty company.