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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
Just noticed you mentioned R-Compound as well.

SVTperformance is where I first read about the R888's. I don't have personal experience with them so I can't say much about them and I don't want to be that guy who just reads another forum and then writes shit to act smart haha, but as you already probably know from the SVT side they have GREAT grip, good in the rain, but will wear VERY fast.

I guess if you don't mind the wear, there's no reason not to go for them. There's always that random person who comes in and says they got 15k miles on their r888's as well haha. If I could get 15k outta them I'd be all over them.
Lol! Apparently we think alike. The r compounds seem to be the route I am going to go but it is just a matter of what tire. Wear is not my deepest concern to be honest. 5-8k miles would be totally satisfactory. I just want the grip to be honest and that is why the r888 may be a good choice. I just don't know how they compare to the R6/A6?