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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Just a little market feedback from these companies, tried out the figures based on the Zed, as follows -:

wewantanycar - 15,576
webuyanycar - 16,025
wewillbuyyourcar - 16,947

Obviously, the higher figures are liable to be knocked back by the slightest of scratches/dings/etc, but there's a long way to go before getting to the next lowest figure. The highest figure actually isn't that bad considering the trade-in figures given from dealers (usually about 16,500) but still a bit low for my liking.

Just thought I'd share.

Actually the figure i got was 5k more than the rest. And i haven't told them about tracker, HUD, Panoroof, Individual Audio, heated rears, etc. So don't think it will drop much from the figure i got (hopefully!). Will test out when my dad goes back to London and i get the car back! Ta again!