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Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post
You know, I used to hate him too, but he's changing my opinion.

He seems an arsehole to people who can live with it (Neil Warnock, other players, etc) but is doing a VERY good job convincing me that he cares about those less fortunate than he is.

The way he goes and talks to the disabled kids when he comes off and every single week gives them his shirt is very touching and you can see the kids absolutely love him.

Look at this kid who dressed up as him recently (it was in The Sun) including colouring his face and sticking the hair on. The Sun might have made a big deal of it (claiming it was racist etc) but Diouf absolutely loved it - he was posing outside Elland Road with the kid for about 30 mins and had some great banter.

On the pitch he has worked hard as well. We'll see though - from what I can tell he tends to go mental after 12-18 months at any given club, so perhaps he will do that at Leeds too.

There is also the fact that when he signed his permanent extension, he genuinely did have better cash offers elsehwere. Who knows.

Anyway sorry Andrew.

Met him once in Glasgow in Frasers Champagne bar.

I took a pal of mine out for lunch for her birthday and she wanted champagne cocktails so i obliged. It's the only time i've been in there, and when we were in, in the corner was Diouf and a few other Algerian players and couple of nice ladies. All drinking mocktails.

My pals is a big celtic fan so she's screwing up her face in his general direction as women seem to do. I had my back to them so couldn't really see what was going on. But nothing over the top and certainly not your stereotypical footballer behaviour/

Just as he's leaving, he walks past, nods at us and says, "how are you doing?"
And then i tell him i'm here for my pals birthday, so he gives her a big hug and sits down and starts chatting. Now my pal is fluent in French so has been eaves dropping on his conversation (as women do) with his pals. And she makes a comment about something they'd been talking about in French, so they start chatting ten to the dozen in French. After 5 mins he said he had to go, wished her happy Birthday, offered her a drink (she declined) and left.

It still annoys her as a Celtic fan how nice he was to her

No idea what he was saying, but off the pitch he does seem to be a decent bloke or very good at acting like one.