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Originally Posted by ElBolo View Post
I don't mean to burst your bubble but this is not the permanent fix. The problem will come back after you wear out the pads enough for the sensors to begin making contact with the rotors, which btw is what causes the noise, this will usually happen once you put some wear in the pads. This is the explanation I got back when I had my 335i by the shop foreman. They had replaced the Pads, Rotors & Sensors in my car and the problem came back within a month or so... I think it's also been talked about in a longer old thread. Good Luck!
Ya, I suppose my sarcasm was not appropriately conveyed through my post. I was hoping for a better, actual permanent fix - like a modified design on the sensors or rotors or something like that. At least for the mean time, the squeak is gone and I've heard some folks that once it was fixed it never came back, but others....only time will tell.