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In 2004 i obtained my wifes car via a broker,cash deal. I advised type colour and extras within the week he came back with a good price on the same car but without the colour i wanted and i advised i wanted the requested colour or no deal.
One day later he had located a dealer willing to accept the price and has the right colour. Perfect; except!
Picked the car up and i was following my wife home in my car and i noticed the rubber bump moulding was not straight. I went away for a week and gave the car on my return a real close look and noticed the drivers door not closing properly and what looked like a respray on the door.
Spoke with broker, he didn't want to know about it and referred me to the dealer.
It turned out the car was damaged at sea in transit,and a rough repair was carried out. They agreed to respray the whole side of car and replace at least one door and i accepted that. However, the attitude was because i stipulated the colour and got a discount price; what do you expect.
I have learn't my lesson, carefully look at the car before driving away and don't use brokers.