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"Loved the look of the 159 too, but surprisingly the engines were a major disappointment, unless you go for the absurdly overpriced AWD V6....Poor old Alfa - they come so close but never seem to get it quite right!"

You buy the Alfa from the heart and not the head. The 159 is a great car only let down by -:
1. it's importer - Ateco as they don't have the best of reputation for honoring warrenty.
2. General perception by stupid wholesalers who don't want to know about them. This in turn effects depreciation.

My E90 is my 5th BMW to date and while I've loved them all, only the Alfa 156 has the closest spot to my heart. The engines are "sweet as", rev wildly to the redline with a sound track only an Italian car maker can give.

There are 3 things you buy in Red -:
Roses for the wife
Lingerie for the mistress
Italian cars for yourself