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Originally Posted by NickG View Post
Just curious if anyone here has had some experience with car brokers (companies that "shop" your car purchase requirements among various dealers and purport to save you $$ in the process)?

I'm considering using one to replace my wife's car with, probably, a Subaru GT Spec B or 3.0R spec B manual wagon.

Seems to me if you know exactly what spec you want and are a cash buyer with no trade in to worry about, they can probably take some of the hassle out of screwing the best deal from retailers all over the City. Any downside?
I used them got what I feel was a great price. I paid $900 over invoice 328xi coupe. B Sapphire, sport with tire upgrade, 6fl, CA, heated seats. Also floor mats and chrome pipes tossed in. Car is built and OC says it is at port.

The cost is $190 flat fee. This is a non-profit org and it took about 9 days to get the quotes. easy easy easy would do again.

Sorry I see you are in Australia this info won't help you. Sorry