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Couldn't have been happier after the switch. Better ride, less noise, less tramlining, better acceleration, better fuel economy and better looks all at less than half the cost of a new set of runflats. The only compromise, if you will, is a slight reduction in turn-in response. The rock-hard RFTs seemed to act like a big 20" wheel almost--no sidewall flex at all. The 17" sport pack tires have a beefy sidewall that would flex ever so slightly during aggressive turn-in. More than worth it all in the end. I noticed the upsides 99.9% of the time and experienced the downside for the remaining 0.1% of my time in the car.

I got the Continental ExtremeContact DW, an ultra high performance summer tire. Sized 225/45R17 front and 255/40R17 rear.