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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Sweet pictures. Someday...

All I can say is make someday, someday soon.

I put it off and made excuses for so long. I had gotten to a point where I was sort of over owning a motorcycle. Never had been into the whole "hooters bike night" kind of scene, and I only rode with one other person (best friend), since he was the only person I trusted to not do something stupid. Bike was sitting more and more, cause going out for a ride seemed so mundane and involved.

Transferred to my duty station over here and by blind luck ran into a guy who has been tracking for the past 5 years of his career, and took orders to Spain JUST for the tracks he would get to ride. Went out to one of his trackdays on Jerez and knew I had to do it. Kept on making excuses and finally he punked me into ordering the leathers and gear I needed for the track.

1st trackday was at Estoril, and I lowsided in turn 4 at the end of the day after gaining too much confidence. Destroyed my stock bodywork and all my shiny pretty carbon fiber. I had a smile on my face as I handed over 140 euros at the local shop that night for the clip ons that I would need to get my bike rideable for the second day.

Track bike was born, and havent ridden on a street since.