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Something terrifying happened!

Hey guys, I was driving normally until I was driving up a hill and I felt like flooring the car. So I turned the DSC completely off, (was driving in first gear) and floored it. When the RPM needle hit 7000 Rpm (and everything was top notch), the car did shift into second gear like usual (auto), but this time accompanied with 3 LOUD consecutive bangs that came from the exhaust "BABABA" like that; it sounded the same as 2step. So i immediatly let my foot of the gas pedal and the car started vibrating like crazy as if it was misfiring. so I parked, turned the car off for 10 seconds, started it again and everything is back to normal.
When I got to work, I parked it, let it rest for 1 hour, then checked underneath for oil or something and found nothing.

things you should know:
I have JB+, ERCP, Dci's, muffler delete.

I have also replaced the HPFP (newest serial) 4-5 months ago.

Any thoughts about this? I'm def. worried!

Too much mods to list..