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Originally Posted by SG07 View Post
I am lowered on kw v1 and currently running winters on 18 inch rims. There are no gaps in the wheel well. For those who are on same boat, can you guys comment on the difficulty in winter driving, in terms of the likelihood of getting stuck? This is my first winter running this setup, just wondering if I should be concerned at all. Thx.
You should be fine with winter tires, in and around the city on paved roads. Stay clear of poorly / unpaved roads - I was in the same situation for a few seasons. Snow accumulates a lot faster between the wheels and the fender liner, impairing the ability of the winter tires to grip (claw fresh snow).

All in all, just be even more careful driving lowered in the winter

Momentum is key when it comes to driving a rwd in winter imo.

What is worst about driving a lowered car are times when the snow left in the middle of lanes freezes up over time and is higher than your lip. I can't stand it when I feel contact with frozen snow/ice - awful!