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I really like the look of the outside of the F30. Everybody moan and groans about the beak. I find it to be brilliant. The E90 has never really impressed me with its exterior, it is a bit blend. The F30 has a strong presence, it is muscular, yet refined.

On the inside, the F30 disappoint big time. Lots of cheap plastic visible, doesn't look very good (although I do like the toaster screen that many revile), the center console is a disgrace. I have heard that assembly quality for the interior is not the best, and creaks are common. Also what is it with the limited choice of interior colors with the lines ?

I did try the 328i, the new engine is very good, makes really wonder if the 335 is necessary in fact. The steering is light and numb, as everybody complained about. It is not very bad, but it is not good anymore. Even in sport+ mode

Full package I prefer the e90. Sad to say, because I wanted to upgrade, and I think I'll just stick to what I have a tad longer. Also, it doesn't help that the price has inflated to insanity, and they have outpriced themselves out of my comfort zone. The F31 I like is $52k msrp, and it doesn't even have the -fancy options- like nav, cameras, lane departure and other disposable stuff.