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I'll chime in here. So just to validate what I'm about to say; I'm an old dude and have owned an E30 since it was new for 18 years and my E90 for 7. My wife has a 17 year old Z3 1.9L (we bought it new). I've driven every 3 Series starting with the E21 and I've driven a 2002 a few times. Just on my E90 and E30 alone I've got a combined mileage of over 480,000 miles driven.

In the past three weeks I've had a F30 335i (non-sport package) automatic that I put 1,000 miles on and had it for my daily commute. This week since Wednesday, I've had a Cadillac ATS 2.0T automatic (I think it is the Performance trim) as a loaner that I've put about 560 miles on so far. The ATS by far is the better driving car between the F30 and the ATS. The F30 is of course faster and gets really good gas mileage, but it drives like a turd. The brakes have no BMW DNA, and the steering was outsourced to Toyota, who must have just used the rack from a 2004 Camry.

Further, being so disappointed with the 335i, I test drove a 320i sport package with a manual transmission (the way I'd get an F30) and it had no steering feel, was highly imprecise, and the brakes sucked, and it had no power. The ATS and the 320i are similarly priced; the Caddy is the far superior driving car IMO. The CUE system in the Caddy distracts from the car so I would get one without it. I-drive doesn't do much for me either but is better to operate.