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Install complete, pictures and thoughts:

As an intial matter, if you are going to do an install yourself and you have little to no experience (or even alot) I highly recommend using the guys and Musicar. Ken (VP electric) and Tom answered the phone everytime I called yesterday and we got through some odd issues that came up. My buddy stopped by during the install (man was he useless!) and he correctly pointed out that without the harness and connections to the speakers, etc. that showed up with the stuff, I could have never gotten close to pulling this thing off myself.

I'll start with the bad news. I have to get 2 new plastic plug-type clips for the drivers door panel. Thats all that broke! I may also have a minor connection to the driver's side tweeter issue but its simple and will either involve a crimp connector or a new molex connection.

The whole install took me about 9 hours. I could do it again about 5 now that I have all the right tools and the experience. To that end, some tips on tools:

Buy a trim removal kit (I got mine from harbor);

a long 10mm hex driver is a must -- I got a $5 ratchet driver thingy from home depot with a ton of tips/sockets that worked perfect. The point is has to be longer than a ratchet otherwise getting the underseat subs enclosures out will be a major pain -- this issue alone added about an hour to the install -- of course, if I had a good socket set with an extender that may have been moot;

Make sure you have a long screw driver with a T20 tip; and

Get a T50 driver that can attach to a ratchet.

On to the install. Most of what I did was cribbed from other posts on this forum and I will try to give credit where it is due.

I started on the passenger side door, moved to the underseats, connected the passer sides (harness was previously laid out on floor then moved back to the trunk), completed the trunk (except for power) and then moved back up to the drivers side. Except for one hiccup on the driver's side, after doing the passenger side, the driver's side flew (I learned from my mistakes). Then I connected power, calibrated, and boom, it worked.

In more detail now, and with pictures.

Door removal is handled great in this thread but I still took some picture of it. I will post them (hopefully) in a reply to this post as I am still working on getting the pictures to upload correctly)