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Originally Posted by beatmagician View Post
I bought this item from another site but have found it very difficult to find support or any honest reviews on this. If you do buy it don't [famous search engine] it if there are any problems. all you will find is people selling it or marketing from Eonon themselves on the e90 forums. They don't make easy reading I'm afraid!!

With that being said the unit does have some good features. Bluetooth for phone calls which works well but doesn't display contacts from phone so it would be just for answering calls on the move. The DVD playback works well and CD playback is fine. The problem with the tray is that it is not aligned properly so you would have to insert the disc at an upward angle. The GPS is good and I have found that the antenna can be kept hidden inside the dash board without any signal loss which is good. The GPS does require installing on the device so it would be recommended to read the manual and also make sure that it comes shipped with some maps software. The Micro SD card will be recognised instantly but it won't play your music properly. You will find that it will skip through the tracks when it feels like and won't play them in full. The interface is okay but can be clunky and not easy to navigate while driving. The mode button will cease any operation you are already doing even if you want to browse to the next function. The radio function is what lets this unit down a lot. You will not be able to save any radio station pre-sets so be prepared to tune your radio every time you go out in your car. A problem for me as I listen to the radio on the way to work. And be prepared that whatever date and time you set won't make a difference. The unit will decide itself what date and time it wants to display.

Overall a good unit for CD/DVD playback & GPS but the rest of the features are too buggy, irritating to navigate or just don't do what they're supposed to. For these reasons I can't give it any more than 2 stars. Think before you part with your money as the price is a bit too high wherever you shop.

I would give this unit 2 stars. Nice try but just not ready for market.
Hi beatmagician, about your review, some issues I need to clarity with you:
1. About the bluetooth contact, our unit can't support the contact name display, it's designed in this way. Hope you can understand, but I'll reflect to our tech about your advice. Thanks!

2. For your SD card play music problem, the reason why it skips the songs may because:
- SD card compatibility issue. Please reformat the SD card and put the music again to have a try, or change to another SD card to have a try.
- The music file problem itself, please put the songs which will be skipped in a SD card independently to play, if it the problem still exists, you can send the files to use to test and confirm.

3. About the preset radio station can't be automatically memorized issue, please check if the power cable is connected well. If so, please test if thereís voltage in BATT wire after your ignition is turned off?
This issue may because the car computer has the power control, after using for a long time, it will be cut off automatically. Itís normal to see in the BMW cars, since our Hong Kong store has met such issue while installing D5114C too.
The solution for this issue is, connect the BATT wire of the unit and fuse together to the battery directly, just like the way you install the amplifier.
If you still canít work it out, please kindly ask the local installer to see if thereís special installation method.

If you have further questions, you can PM me directly with your Emaila and serial No. of your unit, I'll try my best to help you further! Thanks