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Originally Posted by TheAxiom View Post
Don't do it, You'll lose power. By unplugging the flaps, you're leaving them closed, your car would nose dive in power past 3500RPM. Even if you left one open, you'd still lose power. The reason is the runners are optimized for a specific RPM range with the DISAs are opened/closed.

If you want, you can buy a single stage manifold and swap it on, it will absolutely work better than what your planning.

For the record, 10whp up to would still make you slower than having 20whp in mid range - average horsepower is more important than peak.
my idea is even at open position the flap will still create some restriction inside the 3 stage, taking them out should give a little extra flow from mid to top end.

lots of e36 m3 went for bigger intake manifold for top end power, i just thought it will be interesting to see if anyone done this before.

here is m50 vs 52 manifold.
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