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When the MS-8 plays a sound thru each speaker (front right, front left and so on) to test its speaker output configuration just make sure that each sound corresponds to each speaker as set below:

- CH1 = Left front
- CH2 = Right front
- CH3 = Left rear
- CH4 = Right rear
- CH5 = Left woofer
- CH6 = Right woofer
- CH7 = Center
- CH8 = Not used
For the front 2-way configuration, Front Left Hi would be CH1, Front Right Hi would be CH2, Front Left Lo would be CH5 and Front Right Lo would be CH6. You may have a configuration problem there.

Check also the the front 2-way crossover settings:

- the first filter setting is a subsonic filter, use 40Hz to 50Hz at 18 or 24dB if using the OEM woofers.
- the second setting is the Hi/Lo crossover point, use 150Hz to 200Hz at 12 or 18dB

The problem with the front 2-way setting is that the MS-8 may have difficulties localizing the underseat woofers during calibration so the bass/midbass could be mediocre, especially when the MS-8 powers the woofers directly.

To fix that without adding a separate amp for the woofers or a sub then set the OEM woofers as 2 Subs in the MS-8. The subsonic would be 50Hz at 24dB, and the low pass could be 150Hz or 200Hz, whatever sounds good to you. Then the fronts filter will be set automatically once they are set at 1-way. The bass will be "restored" to the OEM woofers this way.

Then try calibration volumes between -20dB and -25dB. That should do it.