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Originally Posted by starbai View Post
Hey and I now live in central florida too so perhaps we can just meet up instead of mailing/shipping!

I'm looking for an ashtray w/lighter/burlwood cover for the front.

My only concern is I see you have an e92 in your signature, and I've got an e90... do you know if they fit the same?

I'm not even a smoker... I just dont like the big open space, and I would rather have a 2nd power port.

Off topic real quick, my car doesn't have I-Drive, does anyone know if someone makes a cover for that area as well?
Yeah, I think it's the same part for both. Just PM'd you the price mailed to you.

Given price of gas It's probably cheaper to mail it to you. I'm up in Tampa which would be an hour for both of us if we met somewhere.And there's nothing I need to do half way to Ft Lauderdale :>)
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