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Lightbulb BMW M8 Supercar Plans Firming Up?

BMW M8 Supercar Plans Firming Up?
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And in the latest monthly episode of BMW halo / super car rumors, comes a rumor (from CAR) that plans for a 600HP M8 supercar may be firming up.

If the report is to be believed, the car is now referred to as the M8 internally at BMW and may see a launch in 2016 - to commemorate BMW's 100th anniversary.

The report goes on to claim that M division head Friedrich Nitschke has proposed that the M8 share the exotic carbon fiber/aluminum construction of the upcoming i8 hybrid sports car (which has a combined power output of 349bhp and 405lb ft of torque from its electric motor and 3 cylinder petrol engine, good for an estimated 4.6 sec 0-62mph).

For the M8, however, the 3 cylinder petrol engine would reportedly be replaced by a twin-turbocharged V8, producing around 600bhp. With such a power output and exotic lightweight construction, it could easily best its segment rivals, such as the Audi R8. Consider that the i8 donor car weighs 1480kg, compared to the Audi R8's 1560kg weight.

A production M8 would make it the first ever for BMW, although a prototype M8 (based on the 8 Series) was originally developed, but never saw production.

No specific source(s) was cited for this information. The image used above is an imaginative render only.