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Hey everyone,
sorry for not updating you but I havent had the chance to wrap my car just yet, but the person doing the wrap for me said he'd be able to wrap my car without removing my bumper. So I installed and screwed everything in. Basically the bumper fits PERFECTLY. Something I ran into(not really a problem) is since the m3 bumper kind of dips in the middle, I was only able to screw in the left and right side of the underskirt protector thing. The middle doesnt reach because of the dip. Also when I first installed the bumper, it wouldnt fit unless I took off my stock vents, it wasnt a problem for me because I bought the bumper with the vents so it was just a bit of r&r. I thought I'd mention it for those of you who want to buy the bumper with foglights and no vents, it might be a problem for you and you will probably have to take your stock vents off. I dont know if you understand what I'm talking about but I tried my best explaining. LOL. I can take more pics of the bumper, but it pretty much looks just like the ones before except I have grilles and the vents installed this time.