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Originally Posted by BigBoosting View Post
Is there a simple step I am missing when changing the AFR table values? I changed each cell one by one to 50, then reset the Procede, turned the car off, waited a few seconds, and then started the car back up. OL is set at 60 with trims hovering around 24%.

I then did a few logs and the AFR's are identical to what I was seeing before I touched the AFR target table.
That's it. Just set AFR target table to 50 and then adjust (lower) open loop fuel value from there until you fuel trims are reasonable. I still like to see them positive (10-20% is good). If you don't lower the open loop fuel value, they will be negative which will make the car feel a bit sluggish since it will run rich during transient load conditions (before the DME has a chance to pull out fuel).