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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
That's it. Just set AFR target table to 50 and then adjust (lower) open loop fuel value from there until you fuel trims are reasonable. I still like to see them positive (10-20% is good). If you don't lower the open loop fuel value, they will be negative which will make the car feel a bit sluggish since it will run rich during transient load conditions (before the DME has a chance to pull out fuel).

Something is up then. My AFR target table is set to 50 in all cells, and that didn't change my AFR's at all, still mid 11's across the board. My OL is set at 60 and that gives me trims of about 24%. If I lower it anymore I will be in the 30's, maxing them out again. I don't understand why my AFR's don't fall in line like they did before the flash.

Before the flash, I was maxing my trims of course but my AFR's were fine. 14's around 4500rpm and tapering down to mid 12's at 7K. This tells me there is something else going on after the flash.