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Originally Posted by wuufer001 View Post
alright guys, i'm a little embarassed to ask this question. But when do we know our brakes needs to be replaced besides taking it to a service?
i mean will the driver (me) feel any difference besides the really bad squealing, and assume by that time the rotors are also messed up. thats what happened to my firends Z4, he didn't take it in for a while and they had to end up changing the rotors too, SA saying it was F#%ked up. occasionally i get the squeals but after a nice car wash then it's gone, so i didn't think much. last time i took my car in for service SA told me i had around 10,000 more miles to go but don't know if with my driving habits the pads won't last as long.

so back to original question, when do i know its time for new brake pads/rotors? how i will feel it?

thanks in advance
You can't really feel it. By the time you can feel and hear the brakes, it's usually too late.The rotors are usually f**ked up by then. You can ask the SA to let you know the next time the car is in for service.
I had less than 6000 miles when my brakes started to squeal. The dealer cleaned it but the noise came back 1000 miles later so it is going back in for service tomorrow. I do believe the brakes usually last 30 to 40k miles, this is just normal driving.