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Originally Posted by Powaup View Post
1) This option is feasible, although i'm not too trilled about leasing 60% residual sounds nice

2)Yea I would probably look for a 2011 e92 M3 and get some extended warranty (which will cost me about an extra $3K I think), thanks to the college grad incentive I get the 0.9% APR if I get a car from a BMW dealer prior to September 2014

3) Your math is wrong, 2% of $50,000 is actually $1,000 which isn't too bad. And I plan on getting a New M4 via ED so I will save some bucks there

It really all depends on pricing of the M235i, price of the M4, will ED for either cars come out of Dealers allocation, will the price of e92 M3s drop abit once M235 and M4 are launched or will dealers be willing to negotiate on pricing (Tried getting a CPO M3 last July for $56K and the dealer would not even budge $1K even after the car had been on their lot for almost 3 months)

Math was definitely wrong, it was quite late it isn't bad if you pay extra 1k. But knowing me, I would not want to pay that if I could avoid it.

It really all depends on the dealers position and how much they are ultimately willing to budge.

Not familiar the process of ED but I plan on doing some investigating and seeing how that works. I have family all over Europe so I could visit them one by one