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Originally Posted by Neuron22 View Post
e90TiAg335i - thanks for the reply. So to be clear (I am still new to this and learning) there is a video in motion setting [iPod/iPhone, DVD slot, etc] that can be coded for the CCC factory Nav?

Where can one get instructions or information for this? I am not doing any coding myself, but am working with a local motorsport shop using the AutoLogic system.

I have searched and searched, but the only thing I have come up with the the Denison AVR unit (combined with the Denison Gateway 500 module) for Euro vehicles.

No it can't be. CCC isn't capable of playing DVD's at all. It's not software but hardware limitation. It's like trying to play DVD in a Walkman, it's just not happening. Only CIC (2009+) can play DVD's.
However I think you can have video input on CCC with some sort of module but I'm not sure.