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Originally Posted by ZZZZ View Post
my blower fan works fine, but it squeaks like a strangled mouse on the lowest two fan settings. do I need a new motor, or is there something I can fix/grease/oil up to alleviate the annoying noise?
In early 2007 about 6 months after buying my car (new) it got down to -5 degrees for a few days. Driving to work one morning, my blower motor let out a hellacious squeal for a few seconds. It never did it again, but the blower got noisier over time. In December 2010 the blower finally got to the point where the bottom of the fan blade started scraping the blower housing. That's when I replaced mine.

It sounds like your's needs replacing. The bearing are sealed bearings. You could oil them and it might help for a while. If the bottom bearing is making the noise, you really can't get to it to lube it.