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335i Coupe -09 DMV total loss in Texas, now sold in Sweden; can pictures be located?

Hi, I've seen the car in the title with very low milage (24000mi / 39000km) for sale at a really good price (20000) for a long time now.

Interested in why it was not getting sold I got a carfax report on it.
It's been in a car crash involving a left front impact in Texas.
The car was written off as a total loss, airbags where deployed.

It was then sold to Lithuania and finally imported into Sweden and is now being sold by a private seller.

Is it possible to acquire pictures of how the car looked after the crash in the US somehow?
The cars VIN is: WBAWB73519P046426
And the salvage title certificate number is: #29730040699145039

In Sweden the car has now passed two vehicle inspections since being imported. And it also looks good on pictures but they are quite small.
It's this one:
So far I've only mailed the seller but he has not gotten back to me yet. (It's not been long).

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