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Bumps, the gearing in 5th and 6th has been changed on the latest cars to improve motorway cruising. It still will not be high compared to your BM but should be better.

Need for Speed, I am no Renault fan but your statement is not really thought out and a bit of a dig at only premium hold there values.

1. The car only costs 16k list so hasn't got that far to fall compared to what most of us own.
2. I have just looked at 1 broker and they will do for 14k (car supermarkets 13k new)
3. Take the Renault dealers 14k and put down 35% 4,900 and 253 a month for 36 that 9,100 balance interest free from Renault finance.

4. So what's it worth I am sure Oli as a dealer will have a better idea than me so lets put it 3 yrs down the line with 36k on the clock.

Worst case they will give you 6,000 but I would hope you would get 7,000 to 7,500. 6,000k is 37.5% of list seems reasonable to me.

So your 3 yrs have cost you 6,500 to 8,000 in depreciation or 2,166 to 2,666 per year.

Compare this to your or my BMW and it's a cheap car to run. I understand they are only relative costs but its a good illustration.

e.g. 330i speced and discounted say 33k and 2nd hand same paramaters above trade in 17 to 18k. Therefore deprciation 15k to 16k over the same 3 years and my 335d will be the same or worse.

Bottom line run the Clio and 2.5 to nearly 3k better off per yr before finance costs and the opportunity costs of the cash tied up in the car. On a daily basis the Clio will be equal if not more fun if you don't need the space of the 3'er. The extra 3k will pay for your Lotus or some nice holidays or some track days.

I drove past a dealer this afternoon and looked at one and the build quality is fine and it will not fall to bits in 3 or 6 yrs for that matter.

I am not saying its a fantastic car as I have not driven or lived with one but what I can say is that to say it's worth nothing 2nd hand or it will cost you the earth is misplaced.
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