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While comparing the torque curves of both the new Boxster's engines (2.7L and 3.4L) and the Toyobaru's engine I realized that all have the same mid-range dip (around 3500 rpm) despite the fact of the Porsche engines having 6 cylinders and the Toyobaru's only four. Also, all the three have the same compression ratio (12.5:1) and are direct fuel injection engines.

So, it's interesting to note that this mid-range torque dip clearly IS a NA boxer engine trait and I was wondering why is that... any ideas?!

This is important because I was starting accusing Subaru of poor engine engineering. But the fact is it seems to exist some kind of intrinsic limitation to the NA boxer engines because if we look at the 2.7L Porsche engine it only has 265hp which means that the Toyobaru's engine has a higher specific engine output (100hp/liter) than the Porsche's (98hp/liter) even though the Porsche engine has 6 cylinders which helps it to rev easier to its higher (7800 rpm) rev limit.

Then again, the Toyobaru is a fabulous piece of engineering any way you look at it!

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