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Best SQ 10 or 12" Sub

Guys and Gals,

Front stage is almost sorted bar the amp which I've got about a month to research on since my speakers (Morel HO + Technic Harness) are coming from the US.. still debating on which 4/5 chn amp to get..

Onto Subs..
I've got the opportunity to buy a JL 12"W7 used for a great price (around 250 used) OR I've been told to start considering a couple of other subs... FI and Orion HCCA 12.4?!

I'm torn with the idea of going down another route and not JL as had my mind set on that - we all know what happens when you have your mind set on something and someone comes along to suggest there's better out there LOL.

I want something to punch hard, deliver great SQ even when cranked up and not gimme some stupid rattle or SPL shiet! I am NOT interested in window shattering, door hinge removing bass but, I want a Kick!

I listen to HipHop / RnB and car is E92 2006.

What are peoples thoughts on the Orion HCCA 12.4 + Hifonic Brutus 20100D amp (circa 400 used)?

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