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325I Exhaust tips VS 330I Exhaust Tips

Hey all was just about to order a set of new Exhaust tips for my 06 325I and I was going to go with the 325 ones (P/N#82120398334) a set for 88$. Then right before I was going to order them I found a thread saying they got 330I tips on the 325 and it looks way better. They said they used two left 330I tips (P/N#18307549558) and I found a set for 90$ (new as well).
Now I cant find a good picture of the 330i "left tip" so im not really sure what the difference is between them? All in all I want the best looking ones and the 2$ difference isn't going to be factor.

So any advice on which ones to get or information on the difference between the two is greatly appreciated!!Thanks all