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Originally Posted by Teeeg28 View Post
i believe the only difference is how new it is? why are you trying to get only 330 tips? an 08 325 have the same tips as a 330...

If you want good looking tips just do some research on the forums and you will find good aftermarket tips that aren't very expensive.

read my post before you make a reply. They are completely different part #'s completely different parts. P/N#82120398334 is the Small Tip for 325's&328's (base models came with no tips. pre lci I believe) 330's have STOCK EXHAUST TIPS. P/N#18307549558 is the left 330 tip. (right tip special for 330i muffler only). You order two of the above. they are bigger and better looking. They go all the way back to the muffler, unlike the 325/328 tips.They also are spring attached and NOT screw attached, which also gives a much cleaner look.

Also there is no 08 325 for U.S, but mostlikely would be the P/N#82120398334 for the Eurospec'd 325's.

Im going with the 330 tips, as ive seen they are definitely way better than the 325 tips.