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CPO pricing of a 2007 X3 is around 32k. The original msrp of 45k @ 65% residual is 29,250. So I would say the residual are correct. BMW has a killer CPO preowned market share...much greater than Audi. My 2007 335i Has a residual of about 26K and that is right in line with the market. Bmw has lowered the residuals of cars recently but that has to do with the overall economy. The great lease pricing of BMW's is directly related to the strong BMW CPO market. Whens the last time you saw a Pre-Owned Audi ad?

A BMW car that is leased for 3 years...then turned in and then sold as a CPO with financing will make thousands more for BMW then if the same car was bought new and financed. CPO's are a cash cow for BMW and especially for dealers. In order to have a fresh constant supply of relatively low milage late model cars you have to have a steady return of off lease cars.
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