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Not to go into "Captain Lease" mode but I'll take a crack at the benefits to ME of leasing. It works for ME because I like a new car every few years, I know how many miles I drive a year and I take very good care of my cars. Why would I not want to drive the same car (that I can afford either way) and pay a few hundred dollars less/mo?

Above all, I understand how leasing works. Most of the horror stories you hear involve people getting into something they do not understand. They just wanted a car they could not afford otherwise and WHAM, they got caught.

Regarding the "you have nothing to show for it" argument, I do not wish to own expensive things that depreciate. Most people buy cars on 5 or 6 year car notes, then trade them in 3 1/2-4 years, they didn't own it either. They just took it in the shorts over the residual value vs. the remaining portion of the loan. I'll just enjoy it for a while and give it back. Wash...rinse...repeat. Given my love of cars, I have come to terms with always having a car payment.

Now I'm off to the BMW store to see if I can find that kool-aid some of you have been drinking. They must have been out of it when we picked up ours. Shouldn't they have at least offered us a rain check?