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Originally Posted by d3drturner View Post
The 335xi involves many additional hours of swearing to replace the mechatronic sleeve. You have to remove the transfer axle or whatever it's called to get to the fill plug. There is no way to get to the mechatronic without removing or at least loosening the transmission mount. I could get the mechatronic out of the tranny but there wasn't space to get the damn thing out between the tranny and the tranny mount and hence, no space to get the new one in. The rear tranny mount requires removing the exhaust to get the damn thing back in. I could get the main bolt out with enough prying to get the mount off but haven't been able to get it lined up because the big bolt hits the exhaust. Spent about 6 hours on it tonight. Probably another 6 tomorrow. Just letting people with the 335xi know that it's a lot more trouble...
I can confirm this, at least with an '06 xi, the transfer case is completely in the way for doing a mechatronic sleeve replacement. I went under the car with full intention of changing out the sleeve, but then I found that it would require dropping at least the exhaust and transfer case out of the way first. I measured the sleeve width and the space available to install it - the former was greater than the latter. My sleeve is not leaking afaik, was just planning on doing it as part of tranny pan/fluid replacement. I decided not to replace the sleeve (but still did the pan and fluid). If the sleeve ends up leaking then so be it, I'll have my indy replace it. I just don't have the time or a lift to make this job worthwhile to my as a DIY guy. Just hoping the sleeve remains in-tact for another 50-60K, then i'll have the indy do the sleeve and a new pan/fluid change. This kind of stuff makes the 'i' more appealing than the 'xi'. Ugh.