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brad bedell

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Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
How soon do you need it? I'll be replacing my bumper in the next month or so, and I can save the OEM one if anyone wants it. It's JB but it probably needs a respray due to rock chips. In good shape though, other than that. If you or anyone wants it, just shoot me an offer and I'll have New Concepts save it for you when they do the swap.
What are you mounting on the car? I need to go see Bruce with my car. He waned to see how close my CSL trunk matched without a blend.

You're a Cannon shooter correct? I seem to think your exif data showed Canon when I looked last month. I'm considering picking up a 16-35l Wife wants a 35l prime. We have 24 and 50mm L glass, but it seems we keep wanting to be some where between that. I told her to use the 24 and shoot with my body, but she doesn't like the full size body. Any thoughts?