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RB2+ Twin Turbos Feedback/Results

Hello all! I have a FBO 2010 e90 335xi 6at, and recently got my RB Two Plus turbos in, and working seamlessly. (Fighting typical n54 issues for months previously.)

I was initially a little hesitant to purchase these turbos, as there wasn't much (if any) info around online of dyno's or stories of people with them. I guess theyre a new-ish product. But I'm super happy with them, and the support from Rob Beck, of RB Turbos, so I thought I'd come put my 2 cents on these in the forums. Rob has helped me and answered my questions in over 30 emails, and has been very supportive. I've had issues with VTT TopGearSolutions and Another company i forget the name of, X-vr or something. Maybe i'm hard to get along with.

For those who dont know RB2+ are $2,199 USD, TD04L-9 Blade Plus sized Turbine vs the normal RB2 with 17T Billet Compressor/Ported Compressor Housings. Basically, these are medium sized twins for Daily Driving, factory like spool with 24psi/575whp for reliable max power.

Install sucked for me as I'd never done this scale of work before(xdrive cars can be hard, but I'm in Canada so still worth). We did oil gaskets, air inlets and outlets as well(recommended).

I think the reason why theres not much dyno info online is they're primarily purchased for low-mid budget Daily's, and people arn't pushing huge power and doing custom dyno tunes and 1/4 races. I have a JB4+BEF, and JB4 has a 0-60 timer built in, so all my 0-60mph data is built off that. Which is probably what (most?) people want to know anyway when theyre looking for middle range twins.

Results? I had a 6.2s 0-60 when my car was new 2 years ago(stock, leaking boost), advertised stock is 5.3. I forgot to test when FBO, but FBO with rb turbos, inlets+outlets, with heavy studded winter tires got me a 3.9 0-60. The only mod that felt that much faster was fixing my boost leak after going FBO (probably shaved off .75s).

I have a dual BMS BM7 meth kit I'll be tossing on, and will update the results after that, and maybe another time after I get a custom tune. I understand most people get meth before buying turbos, mine leaked oil and my mechanic told me they were blown (not), so I upgraded sooner.

If anyone has any questions about them or install from a regular joe, non-affiliated, beginner car guy, feel free to run them by me. Everyone (including me) I've ever taken for rides has loved it.

Everytime I see a good post about a Product theres skeptics, so I'll be including a bunch of random pics as well. If you want my IG i have all my car mods saved as a story, dm me I'll add you. I'm a real normal person yes.

I'll be shooting for 550whp or so by the fall! Stay tuned!

JB4 w bluetooth, MHD BEF
Stage 2+ bucketless LPFP
Precision ignition coils
Vrsf 7.5" Competition Intercooler, DCIs, Tial BOV/CP, catless DPs.
3.5 bar map sensor
PE exhaust(ghetto can pipe-clamp method), crushed pipe and resonator (xpipe) delete.
Condor subframe and diff bushings
19" 245s square, getting wider next year.
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