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my brakes "chirp"...

A while back, i installed 335i brakes on my 325 and stainless steel brake lines. I bled the brakes (properly as far as i know) and the install was pretty straight forward... seems like in the mornings or if the brakes are not warmed up, they 'chirp' once when i hit the brakes. Depending on how long i drive, it goes away on it's own.. seems like a temp related issue.

it doesn't affect performance as far as i can tell (believe me, they've been put to the test a LOT lately). There's no leaks. Brake pad wear is normal (no excessive abrasion against the rotor).

Anyone have an idea what this could be? Perhaps bleed the brakes once again - maybe there's an air bubble trapped in one of the lines?
*I figured, if there was an air bubble(s) i would have a lot of brake fade to begin with but they seem to work like a champ.