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Originally Posted by cheeseforlunch View Post
Yep. My N55 spun a rod bearing on its first engine, and had crank walk on the second (replacement) engine. Regular maintenance, responsible driving, and no tracking - unbelievable. It's currently sitting as a roller, and I have absolutely no desire to deal with another BMW engine with a turbo. How reliable is your N54?
Mine had 97k miles before I sold it without any issues, but I didn't go FBO 2+ until about 95k miles. I'm still in touch with the new owner and he's still having a blast with it without issues. The worst I've had is a cylinder misfire because of the tune and having to adjust driving habits.

N52 is great, but so stale for a daily honestly. I've had an e90 and e92 328i in the past and I always craved more power. So I switched over to the dark side.
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